Sewing the Seeds

‘Sewing the Seeds’ is a collaborative community project partnership between Carolyn, Lucy, Katrina, Jade and Emily from Everyone Needs Pockets network, Frome Seed Library and Frome Food Network.  It aims to educate and nurture conversations around the connections between fibre, food and soil, by sowing, harvesting, processing, and finally weaving a union cloth from a blend of linen and nettle fibres. With creative walks, socials and workshops, this project aims to engage the wider community to participate in growing small plots of flax in their gardens and/or public spaces and to forage nettle for food and fibre. The project will culminate in a harvest festival to celebrate our conversations and collective efforts. We hope that this will raise awareness of our environmental interdependence, our food and textile heritage, and foster a spirit of joy for growing and making while nourishing our wellbeing.

Please stop by the Seed Swap & Potato Day on Feb 18th at the Cheese and Grain 10 – 2 to find out more about the project and to collect your free flax fibre seed and/ or linseed. We look forward to seeing you.


To find out more about the project and how you can get involved:


Instagram: @sewing_the_seeds_frome