Tag: Past event

  • Street Stitching

    Street Stitching

    As part of Sustainable Fashion week, members of Everyone Needs Pockets held a street stitching event on September 30th 2023

  • Sustainable Fashion Week: Frome Hub

    Sustainable Fashion Week: Frome Hub

    We have a full programme of events lined up for the the main weekend of Sustainable Fashion Week

  • Banner-making workshop

    Banner-making workshop

    Come together and make a #Stitch it don’t ditch it banner for the street stitching event happening on Saturday 30th September

  • Flax Workshop

    Flax Workshop

    We asked Flaxland from Stroud to come along and show us about how the flax plant becomes linen yarn. It proved to be a fascinating and informative day long workshop.

  • Clothes Swap in Great Big Green Week

    Clothes Swap in Great Big Green Week

    In Great Big Green Week we supported a clothes swap organised by one of our members

  • Kindness Festival, March 2023

    Kindness Festival, March 2023

    A group of makers organised by Tina made banners to promote the Kindness Festival. The banners went up on the bridge over the Frome and on the railings opposite the library and were a wonderful addition to the Kindness Festival celebrations, and received many compliments.